Going diving with Selayar Dive Resort South Sulawesi Indonesia

We meet at the dive center, the time of departure and the dive sites are fixed the day before and written on a blackboard in the restaurant. There are no fixed dive times as we always try to offer the best for our guests and therefore we choose the times in accordance with the moon, respectively the tides. In the morning at the dive center you get a briefing which is repeated briefly when we arrive at the dive site. The complete dive equipment is already on the boat. Getting to the dive sites normally doesn’t take very long. When the trip takes longer or when we go for a day tour we tell you in time! You find your box under your seat in the boat. When everybody is ready the boatsman takes the group to the exact dive point and the guide gives you the sign to let yourself fall from the boat! Back on board you disassemble your equipment and store it in the boxes under your seat. After the second boat dive the staff take the boxes to the dive center and rinse your equipment if you like.


Pedro Wettstein 

Swiss, has been diving for 29 years and for the last 17 years as a dive instructor for CMAS. After working for 15 years in a dive shop in Switzerland where he was responsible for running the shop, arranging and giving dive courses, maintaining equipment, and organising and taking customers on dive vacations, he moved to Indonesia in 2000 where he worked for three years as a cruise director for dive cruiser ship ‘Pindito’. Pedro knows the Indonesian waters like the back of his hand. And having dived in about 30 countries, he is known as a trace searcher with the best eyes under water. He has a reputation for being able to find the most unusual creatures and plants under water.
Total dives: 2000 in fresh water and 4700 in the sea.

Jeannette Hemminger 

German, has been diving with PADI for five years. She has already clocked up 1000 dives – most of them on the island of Selayar. Jeannette, our administrative star, is based in Germany and is responsible for all administration from organising the trips to making sure the journey goes well. And she puts the wishes of customers into practice. Jeannette represents the resort at home and abroad at travel shows. She also spends several months a year at the resort and she is the right guide for those who prefer more relaxed dives or who wish to get away from a photographing partner.

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Jochen Schultheis 

German, has been diving for 22 years. He is a member of CMAS, PADI and ANDI. He has been a dive instructor for 18 years. Jochen built and owns the resort. Having already guided safaris in the 1980’s, he has now made over 6000 dives in the tropical seas and is still a passionate dive guide and diver. Jochen has been at Selayar for some times and knows each piece of coral personally. He does not mind diving to deeper regions with experienced divers.